Campfield Memorial Missionary Baptist Church
was organized September 18, 1931.

The first meeting took place in the old Fair View School which the church
later purchased from the county for $75.00.

There were 34 charter members present for the first meeting alone with
13 others who were present for baptism.

Rev. W. K. Wyatt was elected as the church’s first pastor. Rev. Wyatt served
until August, 1934 and during his service saw plans being made toward the
construction of a new church building.

The first church building was built in 1934. It was started under the leadership
of Rev. Wyatt along with the help of hard working dedicated members.
The church building was a 30 x 50 structure with a total cost of $856.95
for materials and labor.


Under the leadership of Rev. E.L. McDaniel the church added six Sunday School
rooms to the original structure in 1945.

In 1961 while Rev. E.C. Willingham was pastor, the church built the present
educational building. The old church building was sold for $400.00 at that time
and church services were held in the new educational building while the money
was being raised for the new auditorium.

On November 15, 1964, the new auditorium was dedicated. Rev. Billy Holland
was our pastor at that time.

The parsonage was built in 1968 while Rev. Melvin Owens was pastor.
The Fellowship Hall was added about the same time.


Today the heart of Campfield Memorial is building up the church by equipping
the saints for the fulfillment of ministry through worship, prayer, study,
fellowship and missions. We are in the process of upgrading our facilities and
planning mission trips both at home and abroad in fulfillment of Great Commission.
Our members are encouraged to study, grow and minister to those around them.
May our Lord and Savior always live within our hearts and help us to turn
the world upside down for His glory.


Rev. W.K. Wyatt - 1931-1934

Rev. Z. D. Harrill - 1934-1935

Rev. C.C. Crow - 1935-1936

Rev. R. G. Melton - 1936-1940

Rev. W. T. Luckadoo - 1940-1943

Rev. E. L. McDaniel - 1943-1953

Rev. Ralph Huntley - 1953-1957

Rev. E.C. Willingham - 1958-1963

Rev. Billy Holland - 1964-1966

Rev. W. M. Owens - 1966-1969

Rev. B.A. Banning - 1970-1973

Rev. Roby Linebarger - 1974-1978

Rev. L.T. Lankford - 1978-1979

Rev. Eugene Passmore Jr. - 1979-1992

Rev. John W. Cashwell - 1992-1999

Rev. Joseph M. Cantrell - 2000-2007

Current: Pastor Scott Huffman


Rev. L.B. Harris - March 4, 1934

Rev. B.B. Brooks - October 28, 1934

Dr. Graham Brooks - September 29, 1946

Rev. Bobby Gettys Jr. - April 29, 1990